With Accurate Cleaners Hounslow you will get the best cleaning for your money, becouse we offer many services including carpet cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and even specialsed and certified oven and after bulders cleaning services. Call us at 020 8077 8746 to get a free no-obligation quote every day of the week.

Everyone knows how tiring, actually exhausting, the cleaning might be. In the today’s society it is hard to find time for something more than throwing the trash out r doing the dishes, what is left for tiding your whole home up. We perfectly understand that and this is the reason why we created the company – to give you a hand when it comes to keeping your lovely place clean and sanitized, to provide you with a healthy indoors environment, while saving you not only time, but also money.

Who are we?

Accurate Cleaners Hounslow, are on the top of the mountain of companies that provide cleaning services in London. We do strive for greatness and we are proud that we have achieved it. Our services are top-of-the-line and we offer nothing but the best. Working with trained professionals that are masters in their area, we are happy to give you the chance to choose among a huge number of different services that will make your life better and your home cleaner. That way you will have more time to enjoy your life, to spend with your friends or family, or just lay on the couch watching television.

Our team

We have a strict employee policy and, thanks to that, we have managed to gather excellent professionals that have been trained in the area of cleaning and sanitizing services and who can do every job you assign them to. They are equipped with everything necessary to perform various services. Our teams are made up of licensed employees which will come exactly on the time you’ve asked them to and will leave your house in wonderful condition.


We do work with the best equipment available on the market and our detergents are toxic-free and eco-friendly, so even if you have allergies, you do not need to worry about working with us. We will not jeopardize, in any way, the safety and the health of you or your home.

Even better

With Accurate Cleaners Hounslow you can get a free quotation by connecting to us on the phone and, despite this, you will have absolutely no further obligations. Also, we will accommodate to your schedule and will come to clean your place up whenever you need us because we are working every day of the week. With us, you can find the most competitive prices you will find on the market of the cleaning services. Accurate Cleaners Hounslow provides customer support as well, so whenever you have a question to ask or want to book one of our services, you can connect to our operators and they will help you with everything you need.

If you do have questions you’d like to ask or want to book one of our services, contact the 24/7 customer support and all of your needs will be taken care for.