Terms and Conditions

If you decide to reserve one or several of the services which Accurate Cleaners Hounslow offers that means that you have not only read but also comprehend and agreed with the conditions and the terms of the company, thus, you have to abide by them. So, we highly recommend you to familiarize with them carefully.

Accurate Cleaners Hounslow has any right to add to or to make any modification of the terms and conditions without the obligation to warn the users. Any updated Terms of Use are effective straight away after posted and apply to the services from then on.

In this section information about the insurance of the company and its liability can be found. You can also understand the methods of the payment Рwhich are cash or bank transfer. Carefully go through the conditions for the pricing Рremember that we can change the price we have given you over the phone if the conditions you have described are different that these of the area you want us to sanitize. In this section you will also read about the Special Offers Conditions. We have listed the conditions of cancelation Рyou can both cancel and reschedule your appointment by giving us a notice of at least 48 hours before the service’s time. The Terms of Claims are also provided in this section. We have pointed what are the conditions of Access Рyou have to assure electricity and running water on the premises where you want the service performed.


Do take time to read these terms for they apply to all of our services. They also can offer you important information for our methods of work. Failure to abide to them can lead to a fee. You are having the responsibility of comprehending the Terms and Conditions and you must follow them.